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Pediatrics Clerkship

I. Overview

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Start DateJuly 1, 2013
End DateJune 27, 2014
Credit Hours4.0

The eight-week pediatric rotation is divided into four weeks on the inpatient service at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, two weeks in its outpatient department, one week in a private-practice office, and one week in the newborn nursery at Parkland Memorial Hospital. This clerkship is designed to emphasize normal growth and development and the impact of disease and its treatment on the developing child. Additionally, the prevention of disease and injury, along with the role of the physician as child advocate, is stressed.

Inpatient Service

During the four-week inpatient rotation, students are placed on one of the general pediatric inpatient clinical services at Children’s for two weeks and on one of the four subspecialty services for two weeks.

Students are part of the clinical management team under the supervision of a full-time faculty attending physician and an upper-level pediatric resident. The number of patients each student follows is determined by his or her individual educational requirements. Each student is expected to take initial histories, perform initial physical exams, write daily progress notes on his or her assigned patients, and be prepared to present them on daily rounds.

Outpatient Service

Students spend two weeks in ambulatory pediatrics, one week in a private practice office, and one week in the newborn nursery at Parkland. During the two weeks in ambulatory pediatrics, students spend most mornings in Medical Student Clinic, where they take complete histories and physicals and present to both full-time and volunteer faculty. The remaining time is spent in various pediatric subspecialty clinics and can be directed toward each student’s interest.

During the private practice rotation, students spend three days under the supervision of a volunteer faculty member. The remaining days are focused on adolescent medicine and child abuse/child advocacy. During the newborn nursery week, students examine healthy newborns and may attend complicated deliveries.

II. Contact Information

Soumya Adhikari, M.D.
Course Director
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E-Mail: (Contact)
Telephone: (214) 456-5959
Mail Code: 9063
Vanthaya Gan, M.D.
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E-Mail: (Contact)
Telephone: (214) 456-2851
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Fax: (214) 456-6390
Ben Lee, M.D.
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E-Mail: (Contact)
Telephone: (214) 456-6935
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Fax: (214) 456-4486
Jennifer Rogers
Education Coordinator
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Telephone: (214) 456-2729
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