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Internal Medicine Clerkship

I. Overview

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Start DateJuly 1, 2013
End DateJune 27, 2014
Credit Hours4.0

Each student spends eight intensive weeks as a clinical clerk on general internal medicine inpatient services. Each student spends four weeks at Parkland Memorial Hospital and four weeks at the Dallas Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center, Parkland, or UT Southwestern University Hospital–St. Paul. An additional four weeks is spent on either an admitting service or a consultant service. In both cases, ambulatory subspecialty medicine clinics are included.

The student is assigned patients in rotation under the supervision of house staff and attending physicians. The clinical clerk is responsible for written admission workups, progress notes, and oral presentations, as well as for participation in the ongoing care of patients.

The objectives of the clerkship are to develop proficiency in approaching the diagnosis and therapy of serious medical illness, to foster an appreciation of disease as the expression of deranged physiology, to inculcate habits of critical inquiry and self-education, and to enhance an appreciation of the physician’s responsibility to the patient.

Teaching is carried out on rounds with house staff and attending physicians and at conferences and lectures specifically organized for the clerks. Each student must undertake a systematic program of daily reading in standard texts and journals. Attendance at departmental events such as Grand Rounds, Clinical-Pathological Conference, and the case presentations at noontime Potpourri and at Residents’ Conference complete this educational experience.

II. Contact Information

Hari Raja, M.D.
Course Director
Photo of Dr. Hari Raja
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: U 9.454
Telephone: (214) 648-2993
Mail Code: 9126
Fax: (214) 648-2940
Amit Shah, M.D.
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E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: CS 8.424
Telephone: (214) 648-9012
Mail Code: 8889
Fax: (214) 648-2087
Catherine Braggs
Clerkship Administrator
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: F 5.310B
Telephone: (214) 648-7982
Mail Code: 9030
Fax: (214) 648-9100