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Family Medicine Clerkship

I. Overview

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Start DateJune 30, 2014
End DateJune 26, 2015
Credit Hours2.0

The third-year clerkship in family medicine exposes students to primary-care role models and ambulatory clinical experiences in contemporary healthcare delivery away from the tertiary-care setting. This four-week clerkship has both didactic and clinical portions.

The clinical portion of the clerkship is based primarily at family medicine residency programs affiliated with UT Southwestern and the family medicine residency program located at UT Tyler and John Peter Smith Hospital. Some students also are based at private practitioner offices in Arlington, Colleyville, and Bedford that are designated clerkship sites. The UT Southwestern-affiliated sites include Charlton Methodist Hospital, Dallas; UT Southwestern University Hospital–St. Paul, Dallas; McLennan County Family Practice Center, Waco; and UT Southwestern–Parkland Family Medicine Residency Program, Dallas. Each of these sites is staffed by UT Southwestern faculty. Students see patients at the family medicine centers and in a variety of other practice sites, including private offices, under the supervision of adjunct clinical faculty.

The didactic portion of the clerkship consists of lectures and small-group activities that focus on clinical topics and patient and family issues commonly encountered in a family medicine environment. Clerks prepare and present a patient study to faculty at each site and participate in conferences.

II. Contact Information

Dan Sepdham, M.D.
Course Director
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E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: HC 1.128
Telephone: (214) 648-1399
Mail Code: 9067
Fax: (214) 645-3901
Laura Snell, M.P.H.
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E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: HP 7.720D
Telephone: (214) 648-1362
Mail Code: 9194
Fax: (214) 648-1276
Carolyn Lindeman
Education Coordinator
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: RB 6.602
Telephone: (214) 648-5819
Mail Code: 9165
Fax: (214) 353-0604