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Medical Pharmacology

I. Overview

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Start DateAugust 5, 2013
End DateMay 3, 2014
Credit HoursBy Quarter

Medical Pharmacology is first approached as a basic biomedical science and later focuses on therapeutics and clinical pharmacology. After a thorough introduction to the general principles of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, the pharmacological and toxicological properties of the major classes of drugs are covered. Emphasis is placed on understanding mechanisms of drug-induced modifications of physiological functions. Lectures are supplemented with clinical correlations that explore the rational use of drugs in the management of disease.

II. Contact Information

Ron Taussig, Ph.D.
Course Director
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E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: ND 6.120C
Telephone: (214) 645-6146
Mail Code: 9041
Fax: (214) 645-6131
Joseph Albanesi, Ph.D.
Photo of Dr. Joseph Albanesi
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: ND 7.214A
Telephone: (214) 645-6119
Mail Code: 9041
Fax: (214) 645-6124
Laura Henry
Administrative Coordinator
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E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: ND 6.120
Telephone: (214) 645-6150
Mail Code: 9041
Fax: (214) 645-6151