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Senior Elective Catalogue

Below is a list of all elective courses available to MS4 students for credit. Click on the name of any sponsoring department or division to view all related electives. If you have any questions, please e-mail the corresponding category’s contact person for more information.

Sponsoring Department or Division
Contact Person
Elective Categories
Contact: Brian Frasure
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: CS 2.524
Telephone: (214) 648-7837
Contact: Joan Reisch, Ph.D.
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: E 1.401CD
Telephone: (214) 648-2028
Contact: Phyllis Weigum
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: HA 9.156
Telephone: (214) 645-7717
Contact: Barry Botterman, Ph.D.
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: L 1.120A
Telephone: (214) 648-2235
Contact: Jo Urquhart
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: NL 8.116A
Telephone: (214) 648-3422
Contact: Adrienne Valtierra
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: E 6.222
Telephone: (214) 648-2679
Contact: Carolyn Lindeman
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: RB 6.602
Telephone: (214) 648-5819
Contact: Tawanda Gumbo, M.D.
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: B 4.308
Telephone: (214) 648-9912
Contact: Catherine Braggs
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: K1.900
Telephone: (214) 648-7982
Contact: Rene Galindo, M.D., Ph.D.
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: NB 6.428
Telephone: (214) 648-4116
Contact: Mary Cook
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: CS 5.104E
Telephone: (214) 648-3234
Contact: Pattie Pipes
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: E 1.202H
Telephone: (214) 648-2369
Contact: Sandra Davis
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: G 6.244
Telephone: (214) 648-6862
Contact: Kelsey Krow
E-Mail: (Contact)
Telephone: 214-648-6823
Contact: Anita Olmedo
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: CS 3.104
Telephone: (214) 645-3988
Contact: Menyon Menefee
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: G 7.202A
Telephone: (214) 648-0253
Contact: Sherry Weber
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: G 7.218
Telephone: (214) 648-2964
Contact: Sarita Rushing
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: L 3.142
Telephone: (214) 648-2461
Contact: Pediatrics MS4 Clerkships
E-Mail: (Contact)
Telephone: (214) 456-2729
Contact: Kimberly King
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: CS 4.104
Telephone: (214) 648-0592
Contact: Raquel Villegas
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: WA 4.226
Telephone: (214) 645-7957
Contact: Tywana Sanders
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: NC 5.808
Telephone: (214) 648-7304
Contact: Angela Mihalic, M.D.
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: S 1.106
Telephone: (214) 648-2168
Contact: Jeffrey Meyer, M.D.
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: NF 3.206
Telephone: (214) 645-7604
Contact: Mercedes Jackson
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: CS 0.104
Telephone: 214-648-3357
Contact: Gertrude Steward
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: E 7.100
Telephone: (214) 648-2040
Contact: Mary Harrison
E-Mail: (Contact)
Office: JA 5.114A
Telephone: (214) 648-2450