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Welcome to Web Curriculum!

Welcome to the redesigned Web Curriculum site! We might look a little different now, but you can access all the same Course information by academic year, Schedules (e.g., MS1, MS2, and MS* calendars), and other helpful virtual Resources (e.g., Cell Biology labs, drug list, Virtual Patient case studies) as before. Just click on any of these menu categories at the top or bottom of the page to get started.

Web Curriculum splash image

One of the most important changes between this site and the old Web Curriculum site is the fact that it uses “responsive design” techniques to adapt the information to your screen size, no matter whether you’re viewing a page on a cell phone or a widescreen monitor. Try it out for yourself by accessing this site on your mobile phone or tablet, or simply try resizing the browser window on your PC to watch the layouts change.

Thanks for being patient with us during this overhaul — we hope the wait was worth it! Your feedback is welcome; please feel free to send any comments and suggestions to